The Good and the Bad

Old_doorNo one is perfect. People say and believe that there is something good in everybody and also there is something bad in everyone. But they are not ready to accept that. When they have a bad habit they say that there is something bad in everyone; but when someone else have a bad habit they are not ready to accept that. Acceptance is one of the most important factor in a relationship. If you want to live with a positive nature of a person you should also accept his/her other side.


So, stop complaining start living.





There are times when all you need to do is just listen. It can be anything; a simple chit chat from the loved one, a boring lecture, a nonsense talk from your friend or it maybe your heart telling you something. You may not be liking a topic on which your mother is talking about or a silly talk with your friend; but you are lucky enough that you have someone who can share their feelings without worrying. Same goes for your heart too. Your heart maybe showing you the right way but you may find it too weird to do, but deep inside that is what you want to do. So listen your heart and let it flow.

Carpe diem! #seizetheday