A certain amount of darkness is needed to see the stars

IMG_0141Everybody wants happiness nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. You can only praise the good if you have passed through the bad. Many great personalities have tried to improve the mankind by helping poor people and the ones in need; But we still are not free from poverty and several other problems. Without such problems mankind is incomplete. The reason behind this is if there was no poverty we would never have known the importance of money. If we had no problems we would have never thought about God. The good is incomplete without the bad.



colorOne of the biggest unanswered question is whether God exists or not. The answer to this question lies within us. God exists within us. There is no “God in the sky” nor in any temple or any church or any physical place; but God exists in our heart. We are the only proof that God exists. Instead of spending money on any “rock” give that money to a person in need. The movie “Oh my God” was the most realistic movie for the Indian public but no one wants to follow that. Be the person who “you” wanted to help you. Believe in yourself. You are the prayer.



The Good and the Bad

Old_doorNo one is perfect. People say and believe that there is something good in everybody and also there is something bad in everyone. But they are not ready to accept that. When they have a bad habit they say that there is something bad in everyone; but when someone else have a bad habit they are not ready to accept that. Acceptance is one of the most important factor in a relationship. If you want to live with a positive nature of a person you should also accept his/her other side.


So, stop complaining start living.




flowerIt’s not about good or bad, right or wrong; it is about development. Instead of proving yourself right in front of your opponent try to make a change in yourself and develop the society. The same goes for our politicians too. The Congress and BJP right now are now fighting like small kids in proving themselves how they are better than the other. Moving the other way; none of the political party thought about Indian development and how will “we” change India.

Change starts with a single person. Be that change.




There are times when all you need to do is just listen. It can be anything; a simple chit chat from the loved one, a boring lecture, a nonsense talk from your friend or it maybe your heart telling you something. You may not be liking a topic on which your mother is talking about or a silly talk with your friend; but you are lucky enough that you have someone who can share their feelings without worrying. Same goes for your heart too. Your heart maybe showing you the right way but you may find it too weird to do, but deep inside that is what you want to do. So listen your heart and let it flow.

Carpe diem! #seizetheday